WAHOOWA: The History of Virginia Cavalier Football is the story of the college program that impacted the sport of football like no other. It is not only a comprehensive look at the history of football at the University of Virginia, but also an exploration into the development of the truly American sport of foot-ball through the prism of U.Va.'s players, students, administration, and opponents.

In college football history, a select few programs seem to appear in the spotlight again and again, boasting of their Heisman Trophy-winners and national championships. There is another institution, however, that despite its lack of awards has left an indelible mark on the history of the game. Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Thomas Jefferson's University of Virginia founded its own team of "footballers" in the late 1800s who, throughout the next century, would create one of the most thrilling and intriguing stories in the college football world.

Produced in the style of Ken Burns' Baseball, this feature-length documentary brings to life the fascinating, poignant, and dramatic stories associated with the Virginia football team. Through rare archival photos and film as well as interviews with coaches, historians, media members, and players, this film provides an unprecedented look into how the South's first college program grew from a loose, upstart operation into one that would leave its imprint upon the game of football forever.

  1.    Uncover the early years of U.Va. football—from shocking new research that reveals the University of Virginia may have the fourth-oldest program in history, to the story of two graduate students who officially introduced the game to Virginia students in 1886, to accounts of U.Va. fielding the most dominating team in the South during its first three decades.

  1.    See how two tragedies involving U.Va. almost derailed the sport of football before it took root, and how the University's administration came to the rescue during the biggest upheaval the sport has ever known.

  1.    Hear revealing stories from the University's football legacy—from those who graced the field at Lambeth as far back as 1931 all the way to the stars of the recent past.

  1.    Follow the University's uncanny and long-standing ability to be at the forefront of eligibility, rules, and scholarship reforms, and discover their historical involvement in breaking down racial barriers.

  1.    Experience the despair of fielding the worst team in college football history in the late 1950s and the miraculous rise to the #1 ranking in the country only three decades later—as well as the consistent success for years to come.

With fascinating interviews from dozens of U.Va. stars, including "Bullet" Bill Dudley, Tom Scott, Jim Bakhtiar, Jim Dombrowski, Shawn Moore, Herman Moore, Chris Slade, Terry Kirby, Anthony Poindexter, Chris Long, and more, this film will fascinate history fans and win the heart of anyone who's ever loved or cheered for the University of Virginia.

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